The Medic Today

A place where medics & ex-medics can re-ignite their passion and grow their careers.

Join us this June for Ignite 2022, the first of its kind, inspirational event for doctors & ex-doctors looking to create their most fulfilled lives ever.

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Redefine your career & redesign your life.

Our four pillars are the foundations of what we believe will empower both who we are as doctors, as well as who we are as human beings.

From the growth of our mindsets, to elevating our well-being in all its realms, discovering our flow and creativity, and unleashing our passion, mission and vision through the tools of entrepreneurship – these together will enable us to deliver impact whilst evolving ourselves, our lives and the difference we can make in the world.


Maximising your personal and mindset growth to enable you to lead with inspiration in every aspect of life.

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Gaining the tools and techniques to optimise your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being whilst creating empowering beliefs around your lifestyle

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Awakening the creative within, discover what puts you into 'flow' and innovate for your career and your life.

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Designing your unique portfolio career, establish your business and deliver a far reaching impact.

Join us for ignite

Are you ready to level up your life, career & well-being?

Ignite 2022 is the first of its kind inspirational conference and well-being and growth festival for doctors looking to reignite their ‘being’, their career and their life.

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What does it mean to be a Medic Today?

Doctors of today are far more than what they ever used to be.

Medicine, technology, innovation, design, consulting, business, artistry, influencing – the list could go on. At The Medic Today, we empower you to design the life of your choosing: whether it be within the NHS, ventures outside of healthcare – or both. We want YOU to live the most fulfilled lives of your own design – and to save you from the pitfalls that have already been stumbled upon.

Listen to our podcast to hear stories of doctors & ex-doctors who are already taking control of their careers & forging their own paths to fulfilment.